apples, alcohol and and five a day

Imagewell today was a day for our own input into the desserts we were making so I decided to put a twist on the classic  jelly and ice cream .so with  an idea in mind and some ingredients in front of me I went to work and came up with a very appetising desserts that would also give you that after dinner liquor that goes down so well after a heavy meal .so I decided on a apple ice cream with and apple sourz jelly I know it sounds a bit full of apple but I sure as hell didn’t feel like it the taste of apple sourz in jelly form took me back to my teenage day of jelly shots which mite of hand a small influence on the matter at hand . I used a simple ice cream base mix but in corporated candied apple pieces and also some fresh apple juice that gave it a lovely fresh taste. also to accompany the dessert was some apple wafer crisps that I prepared out of fresh granny smith apples and some small fresh beetroot juice jellybeans  I know sounds weird but gives and exceptional flavour to the dessert. in my opinion I would include this as two of my five a day but I don’t think doctors would be too happy but an apple a day will keep them away so its a win win situation .