back to college blues and tasty treats

WP_20131105_008 (1) WP_20131105_004 WP_20131105_004 (1) WP_20131105_002 WP_20131105_009 WP_20131105_009 (1) WP_20131105_008 WP_20131105_020 WP_20131104_014 WP_20131104_011 WP_20131104_003 WP_20131104_002this week we were back to college after a week off which they call a break but for any one in the culinary industry also studying this just means you are rosstered for a full weeks work ,”break what break ?” .our start back to college was a break for some of us , a break from the hussle and bussle of a busy kitchen and long shifts. On Monday our larder lecture set about showing us the processes used in cooking sous vide ,little did we know it was an eventful class as it was his first time using the new sous vide water baths in the college so a learning experience for us all .this class also gave us a chance to plate up our salmon gravadlax that we had prepared the previous week along with the sorbets we also had prepared to accompany the salmon .

moving on to Tuesday this is by far one of my favourite days of the week as we have pastry class and this only means one thing ,dessert for after dinner tonight is taking care of.This week we were doing gateauxs  and this was a class to savour layers apon layers of different gateau fillings were being prepared and the aroma of fresh sponge filled the kitchen with that home cooked felling that you would get from your grandmothers kitchen after she had baked her annual batch of Christmas puddings ,that scent that hits the back of your mouth when you walk in the door ,we all know what I’m talking about .Then the creamy mixes of different fillings that would be sandwiched between the sponge was a sight to be savoured ranging from citrus fruit pastry creams to lavish chocolate mousse and raspberry cliouis that would make any person gain weight at the sight of them no to mention tasting them , the gateau that I was preparing was a Almond Daquise, raspberry pastry cream and chocolate mousse gateau topped with pink lavender flavoured icing ,yes that is a mouth full in itself and it truly was a culinary delight .