midterm madness at 1826 adare

imagesWhile on our midterm break from college I got a golden opportunity to start work at 1826 Adare a restaurant owned by chef Wade murphy and his wife Elaine , this is a great stepping stone for me in my career as I get the chance to learn forom one of ther best chefs in Ireland as I develop my skills ,my first day started off as a trail run to see how I would get on and it truly was a trail , as service starts the atmosphere in the kitchen does not change , unlike the pace of which we work at .as orders startto appear at the pass we get into gear and provide a fantastic meal experience . the menu is a 555 a la carte menu ,that meets the need of everyone . Wade with many years experience behind him (culinary genious as described by food critic tom Doorley ) having worked in some of the top establishments in the world aswell as with some of the top chefs in the world provides a great platform to start from . during my first service he guided me through each dish as it was platted and then he left me to work on the starter section on my own surveying everything at the pass . this in my opinion gave me the chance to showcase my skills and set a standard for myself that I am to achieve and surpass  every time I step into the kitchen as I develop and strive to achieve higher standards every day under his watchful eye. The so called trail has now developed into a job and a place in the kitchen of the thatched cottage of 1826 . here I truly believe that I can build on my culinary knowledge and skills as I soak up as much as I can from the mind of one of the best in the business as we produce what he likes to call ”classical with a contempary touch cusine ”