birds of feather flock together ( into the kitchen )

ImageThis week was game week in college for us as we got our hands on some of our furred and feathered friends , this was a really exciting class as we got to prep and cook the game in many different ways including the use of the new sous vide baths in the kitchen , As you all know this is the time of the year for game meat and it truly is a delicacy this time of the year as the weather gets colder the taste of a homemade rabbit stew or a pan fryed haunch of venison banishes away the winter blues and cold chills . My opinion on the eating of game meat is that people either love it or hate it and I truly love my food and game is no different to any other type of meat or poultry . Although their is a short season for game it is vital that you source your meat from registered suppliers that have the knowledge and experience of game meats as it can often be a tasteless experience if you receive a game bird that is riddled with pellets . the amount of people that I have seen not to eat game because of it being a wild bird these people don’t know the true meaning of food and its heritage in the world today. without meat and poultry we would not be provided with eggs and milk ,cheese ,leather and wool for our clothing , also the possibility of  living in a field walking around naked living off a diet of grass and water would not be a pretty sight for any ones eyes . one question I’d like to put forward is why would those people go into a fast food outlet and eat a burger or chicken nuggets of some sort when its all processed food  and riddled with additives and preserves that give it that taste that you would receive off a piece of cardboard if you chewed it and turn their noses up at a fresh piece of wild pheasant or venison that has lived freely and is free from any additives or preservitives that drive heart rates soaring high and cholesterol to a whole new level . these people are loosing out on what is good for them. this is the way I look at the matter on hand .As it was said by  the great Marco Pierre White ” the best way to celebrate an animals life is by eating it ” .WP_20131111_005 WP_20131111_003